Is Little Beach Nude friendly

Little Beach is a small but beautiful beach located next to the much longer Big Beach on Maui’s south coast. Both beaches are situated within Makena State Park, surrounded by lush tropical greenery. While Big Beach is a popular spot for families and beachgoers, Little Beach is known for its clothing-optional policy, making it a favorite among naturists.

According to Hawaii state law, public nudity is illegal, but Little Beach has long been known as a “clothing-optional” beach. The beach’s reputation as a nude beach dates back to the 1960s when it became a popular spot for hippies and other free-spirited individuals. Today, while nudity is technically still illegal, the law is rarely enforced at Little Beach.

It’s nude friendly every day, except for Saturday and Sunday beginning at around 3 pm, when it’s possible the buzzkills will come early to close the gate and issue citations if they see your genitalia. As the lawyer who’s handled most of the nudity citations, I recommend clothing on after 3 on sat/sun til these fools give up on targeting us and find some real crime somewhere else.

David Pullman

In addition to being a popular spot for naturists, Little Beach is also known for its Sunday evening drum and fire circle. This weekly gathering involves drumming and dancing around a fire, and often features fire performers showcasing their skills with fire juggling and fire breathing.

Access to Little Beach requires a short hike from the northern end of Big Beach. Visitors can follow a path over the bluff to reach the smaller, more secluded beach.

While Little Beach may not be for everyone, it’s a unique and memorable destination for those looking for an alternative beach experience on Maui’s south coast.