Directions to Little Beach

Directions to Little Beach

From Kahului, Maui Airport:

Coming out of the airport you are heading approx. west. Continue west past Costco and K-mart and across the Hana Hwy. (route # 36). Continue past Lowe’s Hardware and Office Max to Puunene Ave. (route #350)

At the signal, turn left towards Kihei/Makena. Bare to right in about 1/2 mile, and you are now on route #311. Continue on Route #311 to the second signal (route #31-Piilani Hwy.) Turn left. Continue to the end of the highway where you be forced to turn right and continue downhill.

At the signal at the bottom of the hill, turn left (Wailea Alanui Rd.). As you travel this road, you will see the Pu’u Olai cinder cone in the distance. One mile past the Maui Prince Hotel, look for the yellow emergency telephone #17 (on left). Turn right at the sign for Makena State Park and park in the lot if space is available, or along the parking lot access road.

Lock your car! Do not leave anything of value in the car – particularly in plain sight.

Big Beach is dead ahead as you face the water. To reach Little Beach, walk north (to the right) to the end of Big Beach and climb up the lava-flow trail and down the other side to Little Beach. All ages are able to make it up this short climb with no worries, however, the approach on the Big Beachside can sometimes be tough if a big ocean swell has ripped the sand out. If this is the case, prepare to get a little wet.

Free Beach Etiquette

Normal “free beach” etiquette is the rule of the day: bring your own beach stuff (i.e.-good sunscreen, food & drink, etc.), have fun, enjoy your stay on the beach, look for whales, pack out at least what you brought in, be cool, respect others and no overt sexual behaviour!

  • FOLLOW PARKING REGULATIONS AND OTHER POSTED RULES: Be careful not to block other vehicles’ exits, follow posted hours of use.
  • STAY OUT OF ENVIRONMENTALLY/CULTURALLY SENSITIVE AREAS: Be careful not to disturb plant life or possible cultural man-made things.
  • HELP ELIMINATE LITTER. CARRY OUT MORE THAN YOU BROUGHT IN: Bring a trash bag along and pick up and carry out more than you brought in, bio-degradable or not. Leave only your footprints in the sand.
  • RESPECT THE PROPERTY OF OTHERS AND MOTHER NATURE’S TOO: Don’t mess with other people’s stuff. Don’t mess in the woods.
  • ASK PRIOR CONSENT FOR PHOTOGRAPHY: Asking permission is a common courtesy. Not everyone wants to be in a stranger’s photo album or on the internet.
  • COME PREPARED: Bring your own stuff: Beverages, towels, sunscreen, chairs, etc. Mooching is offensive.
  • NO OVERT SEXUAL ACTIVITY: Leave this activity for the privacy of your home. Nude does not equal lewd
  • RESPECT THE PRIVACY OF OTHERS: It is fine to meet new people at the beach, but it is rude to monopolize a person’s time when the welcome mat wasn’t offered.
  • NO OFFENSIVE NOISE OR ACTIONS: Many are at the beach for quiet time. Boomboxes, loud musical instruments and smoking upwind from others are offensive to many.
  • SPEAK UP FOR STANDARDS: If someone seems unaware of beach etiquette, explain it kindly and plainly. Give them a copy of this list.
  • ANY PROBLEMS: Please contact a beach regularly. Most often, problems can be solved easily without contacting the authorities.